Qingdao Lianyi-World Trading Co.,Ltd.

About US

Qingdao Lianyi-World Trading Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive corporation that is engaged in international trade,local trade, and trade agent all over the world. The product and service involve many field,such as, agriculture,food,chemical,electric,machinery, source of energy, clothing,etc.The company located in the beautiful coastal city—Qingdao, we adjoin with Qingdao Free Trade Port Area, the geographic location and surroundings are very great, and the traffic is convenient.

In the meantime,our company have a professional and responsible and excellent work team.we can supply a top-ranking operation and service for our customer in all link. Let our customer can feel the real meaning of profession, reliability,safty, top quality.

Depend on the natural geographical advantages and reliable human resources, we Sincerely willing to cooperate with you, and develop together.

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